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   NICOLAS, a pioneer for more than 195 years!   

The story begins at the time wine was drunk in taverns or wine shops. And if you felt like eating at home, you had to go to a wine merchant or directly to the producer to buy a barrel! It is from this observation that Louis Nicolas invented a new concept in wine sales that would revolutionize consumption and marketing habits: bottled wine.


Fundada en 1822, la casa NICOLAS tenía en ese momento una tienda principal en el número 53 de la rue Sainte -Anne, as well as three deposits in Paris. The idea of providing superior and consistent quality at a reasonable price created the reputation of the house.


N ° 1 in the Distribution of Wines in City Centers in France:

- It has 500 stores throughout France.

- More than 1,500 references in wines, champagnes and spirits.

- 20 corners and 2 wine bars.

Experience and Knowledge _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_at the Wine Service:

Experts in quality and advice since 1822, NICOLAS wine merchants are true wine professionals with excellent product knowledge.


In fact, at NICOLAS, selling wines is not just a simple intermediary role between the producer and the consumer. To guarantee this quality of advice, NICOLAS offers all its wine merchants a complete 5-week training course. Thanks to the integrated NICOLAS school (approved training center), every future wine merchant not only discovers the products, but also learns the tips and optimal management of a store.


At NICOLAS, all questions are answered, whether about the wine, its service or the art of pairing. And who is better placed than your wine merchant to deliver simple, clear and positive messages in terms of good consumer practices?


Our Mission:  

Facilitate access to wine, which should provide pleasure.


Our vision:

Help you find the wine that suits you best and make every occasion a special, fun and friendly moment.

Strong Culture of Innovation:

First to sell bottled wine, NICOLAS has always been able to establish itself as a pioneer by creating an increasingly innovative range of services: home delivery in 1840, availability of chilled wines in 1988, ice service in 2012 ...


And since innovation also involves supply, NICOLAS was the first to offer Beaujolais Nouveau on a large scale in 1966. In 1995, he introduced "Vins de Pays de France" with the "Petites Récoltes" (Small Vintage) range, followed by "Grains de Cépage" (Vine Berries) in 2003.

The Tribulations of Nectar:

NICOLAS' notoriety was affirmed thanks to intense advertising communication, both in the cinema (first advertising cartoons in 1921) and on the walls with the appearance of the Nectar character in 1922. Born from Dransy's pencil and inspired by un_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_delivery boy from the house called Le Paven, the frail, mustachioed delivery boy with saucer eyes, carrying bottles in each hand, experienced immediate and undisputed popular success.


In 2012, on the 190th anniversary of NICOLAS, the house's iconic delivery man was modernized and gave us a new face.

Today, the wine merchant is the protagonist of Nicolas's advertising communication.


NICHOLAS in the World

Over the last 30 years, NICOLAS has been developed abroad through a franchise network.  Currently, it has 40 stores in different countries such as: England, Belgium, Switzerland, Lebanon, Morocco, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion Island_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and since December 2019, also Spain with the first franchise on the Costa del Sol, in Marbella precisely. 

El grupo busca continuar desarrollándose en el plan internacional y para ello busca crear colaboraciones con empresarios para crear franquicias en diferentes  logistics. 


NICOLAS has decided to establish himself in Marbella because the region offers many advantages: a very festive Spanish population, a cosmopolitan and international local population, an environment conducive to alcohol consumption (the sea, the beach, the , sun, party, etc.), a highly popular tourist region since the 50's, among others...

NICOLAS ha llegado para proponer productos franceses que son reconocidos mundialmente por su calidad; y a pesar de la fuerte local competition, you will stand out from the crowd thanks to your price range and wide variety of products. Thus, we go directly to the final consumer, directing and guiding him in the choice of his wine and creating a relationship of proximity; but also to professional clients, who will be able to find in NICOLAS a long-term collaborator who perfectly understands the market and who has a varied and different offer, with a rapid response and action capacity. 

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